Supporting Children with Additional Needs

At Windmills we work hard to meet every child's individual needs and we recognise the importance of early intervention if children with additional needs are to fulfil their potential. Sometimes children will need a little extra support for a short while, alternatively a child may need support for the entire time they are with us and beyond into primary school, either way our starting point is always the child's parents. The staff at Windmills have extensive experience of working with children with a range of additional needs including Autism, ADHD, speech and language delay, behavioural problems, epilepsy, as well as more complex needs. However, it is parents and families that know their child best, we respect this and work with parents throughout their time at Windmills.

Sometimes children are referred to us by our local child development team or via health visitors in which case we will liaise with these professionals to ensure full understanding of the child's needs and where required work as part a multi agency team to support the child. We have very good links with all of our local health visitors, speech and language therapists, the sensory support service and portage. We are also able to call on support from West Sussex early years advisors in the form of the FIRST team who can advise us how best to ensure we met the educational needs of each child.

As part of the revised EYFS (2014) we are now required to complete an assessment on each 2 year old child at the setting. We will normally do this once your child has settled in and been with us for a term or two as this allows the child's key person to get to know them really well. This assessment demonstrates how a child is developing in 3 areas Personal Social and Emotional Development., Physical Development and Communication and Language Development; it is also a way of identifying any delay or potential problems in these vital areas.

Our higher than average staff ratio means that we are able to allocate extra time and support to children that need it allowing staff to play and interact with children on a 1-1 basis. All of our staff use basic signing and we use visual time tables to support children who struggle with change of routine.

We have a dedicated sensory room which has now been operating since September 2013. The sensory room offers a calming yet stimulating environment for children to spend time with their key person on a 1-1 basis developing communication, physical and social skills.

Finally our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) will work with the child, the parents and child's key person to ensure that we find the best way of meeting each child's needs. This will often be through use of a detailed play plan which documents the child's interests, areas of strength and areas that need focussed support.

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