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At Windmills we use a play based curriculum that follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which is made up of 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning

Primary Areas:
Communication and Language: At Windmills we want the children to become skilful communicators. We will provide a range of activities, games and resources that support the children in speaking, good listening and mark making.

Personal Social and Emotional Development: Developing your child´s confidence, self esteem and social skills is a priority for the staff at Windmills. We recognise the importance of this area and the need for children to have a positive sense of themselves in order to reach their full potential.

Physical Development: Windmills staff recognises the interrelated nature of learning and how confidence and skill in this area can impact on other areas of learning. Therefore children are taught to move and explore space and equipment with imagination and safety.

Specific areas:
Expressive Arts and Design: This encompasses a range of activities from messy sensory play (a particular favourite at Windmills!) through to role play, music, singing and art.

Mathematics: This area focuses on children becoming familiar with number, size and shape, and early maths skills such as counting addition and subtraction. At Windmills we make this area fun with lots of number rhymes at singing time!

Understanding the World: Children are encouraged to make sense of the world they live in through exploration and investigation and through learning about the lives of others in the wider world. This area also recognises the importance of computers, which at Windmills we support with the use of a lap top and a touch screen computer.

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